The Happiness Project Loughborough

2015-04-22 18.01.21

How can we apply philosophy in the everyday? Advertising is using complicated theory and expert’s to get to us all the time, it’s time we took the theory back; to reflect and improve on our own lives.

Last week the chocolate wrapper I was about to screw up pleaded with me to scan the bar code on the back ‘for joy.’ In fact there were other ads I saw in the same week that stuck in my head because they promised to make me happy, namely a sugary fizzy drink that promised the sort of happiness more normally associated with belonging to a group of friends. Only in the next moment for a pudding to whisper via its packaging that I could ‘let myself go’ immerse my self in pleasure etc.

So in between all of this psychology manipulation… what does happiness actually look like and how does it make you feel?


The jugglers handshake

the jugglers handshakeHappiness is pointless.

On Juggling Sarah Green said the following thing, she said juggling is the most difficult way to achieve something pointless.

She said there is an unspoken language between jugglers that is learnt through practice,  built on trust and intimate knowledge of the bodies movements. She said there is nothing more profound or exciting than the non verbal communication between jugglers. And when this truly works and the pointless has been achieved… well go on why don’t you try something pointlessly happy today?

The selfie

photo 1

Thanks Dawn Woods for this image taken at her recent portraiture exhibition  (face off), I am just wondering about the pressures of self portrayal. Feeling self conscious in a highly visual culture, thinking self worth is measured by certain criteria. Inserting yourself into every great view, look at me! What if the main place you go is the supermarket and back, and you feel ugly. Because feeling ugly is drudgery, can we step back and find beauty in the everyday? Epinal way is no white sands beach. But in my safe place, when I close my eyes, is a tranquil woodland clearing. No really there is. I can go there if I try hard enough. I am not screaming inside whilst I pose for yet another selfie. I screw up my face for all to see the pressure of being alive and digitised. Here I am about to explode because I don’t want to fake it, if I am not happy then so what? Continue reading

The Immersion Tank

2015-05-12 17.55.15

Thinking about my personal happiness,  I would practice the art of silence. In the absence of any money I made my own immersion tank. The idea to become in utero once more and be re-born.

I listen to the sounds from inside my body, which takes a lot of effort. I have to begin by filtering out traffic, birdsong, the breeze. Then I become aware of how loud my thoughts are, mainly a voice which is saying there is nothing to hear.

Thanks to mat bardsley who took the pic so I can show you me immersed in sound.